HSM Powerline FA 400.2

WxDxH : 700 x 480 x 970


Cutting size: 11.8

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-1 /O-1 /T-1 /E-1     


Due to its great performance this robust and durable shredder documents are ideal for use in archives or central stations for shredding documents.

ADD The shredder thru the conveyor belt into the aperture.

Automatic lever reduces paper jams. Simply emptying with a detachable trolley on multiple-use wheels.


Weight Destroyer : 445 Kg




Cutting size :5,8 X 60 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-2/O-2/T-2/E-2


Cutting size:5.8 x 50 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P3 About2 T3 E2



Cutting size:3.9 x40 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-4/O-3/T-4/E-3/F-1


Extension of the loading table for 600 mm, on the left or right, as required

Additional shredder-material collecting trolley for FA 400.2

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