About us

The company FISTI operates with a vision focused on the ecological realm and a deep respect for nature. We provide guidance and ensure the optimization of water quality and waste management. In the Slovenian market, as well as in the markets of Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania, we are present with our BRITA Professional water filtration products.

With BRITA Professional products, we concentrate on delivering high-quality water treatment solutions for hospitality appliances. This approach allows us to standardize the quality of beverage and food preparation while reducing the presence of elements that cause the formation of limescale, thereby extending the lifespan of appliances.

Our subsidiary company, FISTI Serbia, operates near Belgrade (Smederevska Palanka), offering BRITA Professional products for the entire Serbian market.

In collaboration with BRAMIDAN from Denmark, we are active in the market with vertical balers that streamline waste management costs.

We engage in projects that offer healthy solutions for our planet, focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Our efforts aid companies in water treatment and waste management, yielding a positive impact on the environment.

As an authorized BRITA distributor, we are involved in the BRITA filter recycling program for used filter cartridges. Filters can be delivered to our company or you can provide us with your address for collection.

Our mission is centered around the goal of contributing to the improvement of the environment and our planet.