HSM SP 4040 V

WxDxH : 1090 X 2030 X 1970


Cutting size: 5.8 x 40

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-2 /O-2/T-/E-2


Bale size  (W xH x L) : 600 x 500 x 400 mm


This compact combination of the FA 400.2 conveyor belt document shredder and a vertical baling press is designed for the professional destruction of large quantities of documents, which are then compressed into bales of up to 35 kg. Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel · Convenient material feeding via non-slip conveyor belt · Continuous operation is possible thanks to the powerful motor with a chain drive · Automatic reverse eliminates paper jams · Light barrier for automatic start of the compression process · Shredder material is compressed into compact bales and can be cleanly disposed of either in a box or waste bag · Practical removal trolley for the easy removal of bales ·  User safety through emergency off switch.


Weight Destroyer: 737 kg


Cutting size : 5.8 × 50 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P3 About2 /T-2/E-2


Cutting size : 3.9 × 40 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-3/O-3/T-4/E- 3/F-1   


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