HSM SP 5088

WxDxH : 1246 X 3222 x 1795


Weight Destroyer: 1660 kg

DIN Certificate 66399 : P-2 /O-2/T-2/E-2

Cuting size: 10,5 x 40-76 mm    


Bale size : (W x H x L): 500 x 500 x 400 – 950 mm


This compact combination of FA 500.3 conveyor belt and vertical presses is designed for professional destruction of large quantities of documents, which are then compressed and Bale to 90 kg. The weight of the bale depends on the compressed material. The length of the bale depends on the requirement. The crushed material is compressed into compact bale, which is manually linked to three  baler straps and can also be disposed of cleanly in a waste bag · The bale length is variable depending on the requirement · Automatic oiler provides for consistently high cutting capacity




Cutting size: 6 × 40-53 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P3 About2/T3 /E-2


Cutting size : 3.9 × 40 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P4 About3 T4/E3 F-1


Cutting size:1.9 x 15 mm

DIN Certificate 66399 : P5 About4 T5/E4 F-2

Weight Destroyer: 1790

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