Filter BRITA Purity Steam Cartridge

Cartridge size : ST450 / ST600 / ST1200

Capacity from : 4,217 l – 13,187 litres

Label concept: ORANGE



With the PURITY Steam, calcium and magnesium ions are selectively removed from the drinking water using the
flow method via anion exchanger.

Furthermore, the filter material binds metals such as lead and copper and reduces substances that negatively affect taste and aroma
as well as organic contaminants.

The increased flow and reduced pressure loss also allow the smooth operation of large combi steamers and ovens.

PURITY Clean 1200



• Baked products, fish, meat and vegetables are cooked to their best
• High capacity with reliable reduction of limescale formation
• Fine steam jets remain open longer
• Bypass settings specially adapted to different steamers and ovens
• Improved flow performance of up to 500 l/h with 1 bar pressure loss

BRITA filter PURITY Steam filtration


Trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology decarbonises water in three steps:

1 Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles. Further, its laminar water distribution ensures optimum use of the downstream filter medium – independent of water flow rates and pressure surges.

2 Carbonate hardness reduction
Filter medium reduces carbonate hardness to prevent limescale deposits. Also retains unwanted taste- and aroma-impairing elements.

3 Fine filtration
Finally, a fleece retains remaining fine particles.

IntelliBypass technology
The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.

2019 Capacity table

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